Farming Address

Farming Address:

What is Earn Farming

Earn Farming is a crypto investment project that only requires you to hold USDT in your wallet to earn profits every day. We find the traditional process for earning interest long and frustrating. Earn Farming makes earning easy. After you connect to the farm, your farm will generate a shadow wallet, and the shadow wallet uses smart contracts to generate profits for Farming. Earn Farming's profits mainly come from arbitrage opportunities generated by market fluctuations. The working principle of the farm is similar to Mev Bot.

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Why Trust Farming Hub?


Based on Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet, The most trusted & secure crypto wallet.


Decentralization, shadow wallet, protect your privacy, nobody knows how much money you have, the money only belongs to you, and nobody can embezzle or freeze it like a bank.


We don't hold your funds, you only need to hold USDT in your wallet to get income! You can access your funds anytime.


The usual Farming risk is that market volatility can cause something called impermanent loss. Earn Farming uses the stablecoin USDT as a liquidity supply, so the risk is very low.


  • Farm daily profit: 1%-10%
  • Premium pool daily profit: 3-13%
  • Minimum investment: $500 (500 USDT)
Earn Farming Tutorial
Step 1
Download Trust Wallet Buy USDT on CEX/Trust Wallet Withdraw USDT(BEP20/ERC20) from Binance to Trust Wallet Ask the assistant to get your exclusive farm address
Step 2
Open the browser in Trust Wallet Open Trust Wallet and use the Trusut Wallet browser to open the farm link: Copy the participation link, open it in the Trust Wallet browser, and choose the blockchain you want to participate in (ERC/BSC) Click "Earn Now" and then click Confirm connect farm After confirmed, you will receive profit every day
When joining Farming, you need BNB Smart Chain/ETH as Gas Fee, based on which chain you want to farming, please prepare BNB/ETH in advance If you have questions, please contact assistant